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The Acronym CREST defines the pedagogical principles of IAME:

C : Corporate Social Responsibility and Commitment

R : Rural Development and Research

E : Environmental Management

S : Soft Skills

T : Technical Skills and Team Work

CREST also means the summit or the pinnacle of your career. So in each of these areas, you can count on the best inputs from the impeccable sources and the learned faculty of the academy.

CREST will make you aware of:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Commitment

CSR is not just about charity. It is about adapting and aligning businesses and management practices to culture and tradition that form its social mileu. Businesses around the world are waking up to the importance and implications of CSR in national as well as global economies. Keeping this in view, IAME is the first B-School to incorporate an in-house NGO named Karma Cosmic Foundation, the CSR Wing of IAME

Rural Development and Research

750 million people in India work in the agricultural sector. Hence, our leaders and executives need to understand Micro Credit, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Agro industry, Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the likes of these concepts in the agrarian economies. IAME wants to make sure that the growth impulses (GDP growth) are felt in the rural pulse. It therefore sets afoot a program for specialization in rural development and research. We have adopted a village near IAME for our rural program.

Environmental Management

Apart from sensitizing its graduates to the rural markets and economies, IAME’s curriculum also focuses on the mainstream environment management topics relevant both to the urban and rural contexts. Under these you will learn about Carbon credit, Global warming, Environmental overdraft, New and Renewable energy i.e. bio-power, wind power and solar power. Under this we do take activities like swatch Bharat, Self employment and rural up liftment programs.

Soft Skills Training

Here we zero-in on various interactive skills like innovative approaches to crisis, right-brain development or the creative thinking, left -brain development or analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, lateral thinking and design thinking (a latest concept in soft-skills training).

Technical Skills and Team Work

Technical skills and the modules of team work comprise the path of any Business Management curriculum. At IAME, you will get sound knowledge of Finance and Accounts, Human Resource Management, Information Technology usage and Sales and Marketing theorems. In addition to these technical skills, a lot of emphasis is laid on team work and team spirit. We encourage the management trainees in formal and informal networking with the various peer groups that would inevitably come across in a day to day work.