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"Be A Part of India’s top 1% B-School

Accredited in 2016 by “NAAC – National Assessment and Accreditation Council“
(An autonomous Institution of the UGC; Min. of HRD; Govt. of India)"

"Admissions Open for 2017 Batch- CAT/MAT/XAT/I-CET / K-MAT / C-MAT Scores Accepted. Ranked 35th in India and Ranked Top 11th in South India. Excellent Placements-Live Projects-Industry Interphase"

Management Education – A new paradigm

India would be a developed nation by 2020 – so dreams our beloved former President.

India, therefore, would need a large pool of high caliber engineers, doctors, managers, scientists and the like.
They would be the products of the Indian higher education system.

But is our higher education system geared up? Are the products coming out of the system suitable enough for
taking up the challenge? Let us not forget what Mr. Narayana Murthy avers – “75 % of Indian engineering and
management graduates are not suitable for their jobs”. Why? The reasons are not hard to find, if one takes a
close look at the way the system works.

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